Domaine La Taupe | VDF 'Surin' 2018

Thésée, Loire Valley, France.

Golden yellow sunshine colour. Smells of elderflower, apples, limestone, ozone, lemons and honeydew. The palate is fresh, textural, and comprises of lemons, subtle notes of mandarins, honeydew and pineapple. Very clean, medium acidity and gentle mineral action. Just a fraction of tension on the finish. More florals come into play as the wine opens up. The flavours are leaning towards bold but the freshness keeps it in check, and there is just enough mineral restraint to tighten up it’s edges. A food wine, good for any season. Slippery texture. Lots of limestone on the nose as it opens up further, as well as fields of spring blossoms. With air, it continues to tighten. Very easy to drink with it's sweet fruit and smooth texture. No piercing acidity, so its very friendly to a larger audience. Puts a big smile on your face! - Ryan Larkin, Importer

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc (100%)
Ferment: Wild
Fining/Filtration: No
Organic: Yes - Certified
Biodynamic: Yes - Certified
Sulphur: No

Grape Growing
Situated on the ancient riverbed of the Cher River between Thésée et Monthou in the Loire et Cher valley. The vineyards are absolutely stunning here - not only scenic, surrounded by forest - the biodiversity is incredible. There are vegetable gardens between the parcels, fruit trees, bee hives, as well as birds, insects and butterflies, which can be seen everywhere.

Wine Making
Whole bunch, direct press, with ferment commencing in fibreglass. Transferred to old barrels for 12 months.

The first vintage purely made by Bert & Nicole, in the cellar they still do most things like Bruno - natural fermentation, no additives, no sulfites at any stage, de-stemming by hand, no fining or filtering, bottling by gravity (every bottle done manually by hand, a huge job). The only thing they have changed is the élevage, where Bert has decided to experiment in tank instead of barrel for some cuvées. In 2018 they also aged the wines for a bit less than Bruno usually did. And so the wines still display every essence of the vineyards, just with Bert and Nicole's own little twist.